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What to Do If You Drop Your Phone In Water?

I dropped my smartphone in water and it won't turn on. To what extent do I keep my Mobile phone in rice to dry it out? Step by step instructions to dry out a phone without rice. Fixing a smartphone dropped in water. Dropped the phone on the water screen won't work. I dropped my Mobile phone in water and it won't turn on. How would you fix the water harmed phone? The most effective method to fix water harmed smartphone that won't turn on.
What to Do If You Drop Your Phone In Water
What to Do If You Drop Your Phone In Water

How do you Fix a Water Damaged Phone?

If the Mobile falls in the Water, do these 5 Measures.

Mobile stops working due to getting wet in rain or falling in the water.  In this post, it is being told how to save Wet mobile from being shut down or how to turn on the phone that has been closed due to wetness.

First of all, know that the warranty for most mobiles is automatically terminated when the phone gets wet.  If the service center comes to know that the phone is wet then they will not take it for repair.  The battery of the mobile has a sticker that changes color when water runs inside the phone.

If the mobile is very slightly wet and the color of the sticker is not changed then it can be given to repair the service center.  If you want to fix it on your own, you can do it through the methods given below.

Caution: Before repairing a wet phone, take out its battery, back cover, SIM card, and memory card and keep it safe.

Moisture or moisture drops inside the mobile when it gets wet. When it goes into the electronic parts of the mobile, the phone starts making mistakes or does not allow it to start.  It may be that your mobile is running like before even if it gets too wet, but for precaution, it should be opened and dried once so that there is no problem later when the moisture goes deep.

Methods of drying mobiles that have fallen in water :

1. Sun Drying Mobile (Sun Dry)

Lightly soaked mobiles can be placed on the balcony or terrace to dry in strong sunlight.  Let the phone dry for 15 minutes to half an hour by laying the cloth on the ground or table.  If there is very strong sunlight, only 15 minutes will suffice. Laying of cloth is necessary so that the mobile is not damaged in contact with the floor when heated.  Keep the mobile in such a way that there is no sunlight on its screen.

2. Keeping the phone in the rice box (Dip in dry rice)

By keeping the mobile in the rice box, the rice absorbs its moisture. If you keep the box in the sun, the mobile will dry more quickly.  In this method, the chances of damage to the phone are very less, but it takes a lot of time.  May have to keep the mobile in the box for 3-4 days to a week.

3. Silica Gel 

You may have seen a sealed doll in new tiffin, water bottle, shoes, etc. with "DO NOT EAT" written on it.  Within it, there are bullets like a glass-like rye, which is called silica.  They are available in the market.  Fill them in a cloth pouch with a mobile and keep it in the sun.  This method will take less time than rice.

4. Oven Dry

This method is not tested but many people on the Internet have shared that their mobile is fine when the mobile is kept in the electric oven at a temperature of about 50 degrees for half an hour.  went.

5. Hairdryer use

A hairdryer can be dried by mobile but there is a risk of spoilage of mobile by very hot air, so this method should be done very carefully and carefully.

Disclaimer: This website will not be responsible for any damage to your mobile.  You should work wisely and implement the given measures at your own risk.
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